Words, Pics, Tunes

Today, I’m digging…
THIS cartoon:
And these beautiful words:
“I have sea foam in my veins,
for I understand
the language of waves.”
~ Le Testament d’Orphee

And this guy. Ah!

Happy day, friends!


Photo, tunes, words


Things are on the go over here this week–socially, professionally–things seem to be happening. It’s good.

I’m currently baking in a coffee shop window. After being forced to consume 8 million mugs of warming tea in the past couple weeks, though, I cannae complain. It’s a nice change.

Per usual, TNH knows best:

“Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.”~Thich Nhat Hanh

One of my favorite, recent Pandora discoveries:

Friday Friday Friday

Sometimes when I struggle to find my own words, quotes, piccies and sweet tunes will just have to do in lieu. What music is keeping you company today? (It’s M.Ward over here…) Happy Friday, y’all!

“But possibly I am something more than I suppose myself to be.”~René Descartes

(*Norwegian Festival in Ballard, Seattle*)

Hump Day (3Ws)


Water (yes, again):

Wonderful (calming Canadian folksters coming to Seattle this weekend):

Monday Mix

This was my view for the past 36ish hours, as I hunkered down to finish an article (which I finally submitted this evening! Hooray!). Ironically, my biggest cram sessions writing-wise  have so far been on days that are ‘off days’ for everyone else. A bit flip-flopped, non? But believe me, I’m by no means complaining.


I feel my recent weeks have been such a blur–first holidays (food, drink, festivities, family), then more visitors (sightseeing, friends, food, drink, repeat) and finally meeting story deadlines (holed up with just my mind, my words and my laptop in my own lil cocoon). It’s all been really good fun, but a bit confusing at times too! (Especially to swap from 24/7 social mode to solitude/focused productive zone…)

Tonight when I finally stopped to take a breath, I tried to map out my plan of attack for tomorrow… Back to my routine, I thought! Until I realized I don’t really have a routine, a ‘normal’ here per se. Hmmm. Funny that. The curse AND beauty of being self-employed, eh? It’s odd, but refreshing too.

This video makes me so insanely happy. I just want to hang with these talents in that wee room all day long! Hope you enjoy it too:) Happy Monday, friends.


…that caught my eye around Seattle these past days.



Have you spied anything recently that  made you pause and sigh/think/chuckle?