“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”~Chief Seattle


Also, on that note, see this film!

I’ve been on the road a lot recently. It’s been full and beautiful and spoiled and exhausting and educational and frustrating and fun. Everything overload.

For now, I’m happily back in my Fremont bubble—absorbing and recuperating, laying low. Off to brunch with friends shortly on this quiet fall Sunday. Happy weekend, friends!

Building a Bank of Memories

Magical morning mist, Cowichan Bay, BC

Magical morning mist, Cowichan Bay, BC

This, I think, is what love is: taking it all in, hoping for the best. Admiring the lake’s shimmering surface and unknown depths. Building a bank of memories, and cherishing them all equally.
~Jane Smiley