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“The earth is heavy and opaque without dreams.”~ Anaïs Nin

(p.s. Hi from cozy home. I’m attempting to stay blissfully offline as much as possible this week…:))


I love that, when it’s sunny, I can choose to take the long way there, wending along the sparkling canal to soak up rich rays and the wily reflections that dance atop the water.

I love that, when it’s clear, I can follow the alternative route home, along the street that offers the best straight-on view of those nearby, snow-kissed mountains. Purple peaks that span the horizon—reminding me of what’s out there, the beauty that lies beyond. Big picture.

Nearly every time I take off on a trip, I feel sentimental beforehand about this city and for my ‘hood. I take that as a really good sign about this place I call home.

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Today’s Tunes

Opposite Day

I’m afraid I’m  feeling the  180-degree opposite of motivated today, but alas, I like this quote.

“Make voyages! Attempt them! There is nothing else.”
– Tennessee Williams


Now, if you’ll excuse me….I’m off to veg out with Juan Pablo and some mates. Ciao.

Hues of Here

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This week I’ve been feeling strangely invigorated. I don’t know why it comes as a surprise (post-vacay, dead of grey winter), but it does. I haven’t been sleeping much or that well either (and oddly, that seems to be okay, too).

After five wonderful days away, I just feel there’s so much I want to attend to here (before I jet off again!), so much nesting home time and city socializing time—catching up with friends (real-life and fictional….hello Parenthood and Nashville characters as well as the couple books I’ve recently been juggling:)).

I know I’m a broken record, but I have such wonderful people in my life. Such.

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There’ve been a few things this week that could’ve rattled me, and maybe momentarily they did, but overall, I’m feeling hopeful. Able to see the full picture. I’m so thankful when these waves come (because I well know how swiftly they can ebb and flow).  I’m in a trusting phase. I feel open.

Just feeling grateful on this Friday, I suppose. Happy weekend, friends.
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Mates, Marfa, Magic

When you make friends abroad, from the get-go, your connections are accelerated, your bonds  fortified, your interactions family-like. This past weekend, I reunited with two such friends, two of my very best—wonderful chicas who I met while living and studying in bonnie Edinburgh, Scotland. These two are unexpected forever souvenirs from an overseas chapter written nearly a decade ago.

We’ve shared hilarious, beautiful and a few never-again-please adventures in DC and Philly, NOLA and Glasgow, Shanghai and Phnom Penh, Athens and Cairo. In some ways, we are drastically different; in many, we are perfectly the same. With these girls, I feel at utmost ease, loved, truly seen. “Thankful” doesn’t seem to quite cut it. (And, besides, I cannae risk getting too sappy on here, or one sister-friend might get to some serious eye-rollin ;).)

This most recent reunion in Austin (our 4th, in fact!), we journeyed west to a desert town marked by real-live details rich in Hollywood-esque charm—tumbleweed, cowboys and one unhurried traffic light that blinks with purpose and ease. Here in the west of Texas, there is a quiet that envelopes the never-ending expanse of yellows and browns (except when a train whizzes through town, momentarily exciting the stillness). At dusk, a warm evening light drenches stucco buildings—blank canvases willing to take part—in hues so delicious you yearn to freeze-frame this canvas in your mind. In a space this open, breathing comes without thought.

There is a quirky magic to this place, Marfa. And to share it with two of my favorite world explorers? Simply: Wow.

Thanks, lassies, for this newest gem to add to our memory list. What a beautiful ride it’s been so far.

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Taken during mom and dad's fab December visit. Can you even believe these clouds are real??

Taken during mom and dad’s fab December visit. Can you even believe these clouds are real??

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.
– Anonymous

p.s. Austin bound tomorrow, YEEEEEE-HA! Cannae wait. Hope the weeks have been good so far!

Way Back When


The Seesaw of Life

Friday afternoon I got some disappointing news that really bummed me out. Why, I defeatedly sighed, does the other shoe seem to drop nearly every time I think I’m finally in the groove?

Then, as is so often the case, several unexpectedness kindnesses fluttered in with uncanny timing and softened the blow. (I think the Universe knows when we most need some compassion and love to eke us back to balance.)

And THEN, Mother Nature gave us one of the most beautiful winter weekends I could have ever imagined. The piercing blue skies, the fresh, damp air, the ethereal shafts of light slicing through snow-dusted pines, the distant peaks painted onto a surreal orange canvas—they fed my soul.

Tonight, my legs are very s-o-r-e, but also, my heart is full. I’m surfing the waves; I’m riding it out.

If we know one thing for sure about life: it’s never constant. It’s always changing.


Pacific Northwest: your beauty astounds.

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Music ‘n’ Words

Happy weekend!



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