Wintertime SOS

In the depths of the winter blahs, these are the things that I find uplifting:

-Tea. Lots of tea.

-Yoga. (How did I ever live without yoga?)

-Downton Abbey. Jane the Virgin. Binge-watching comfort shows, whatever works.

-Music. Live music. Home music. Always music.

-Avoiding/rationing sugar & caffeine & carbs and those things my body only thinks it really, really, pretty pleaseeee wants/needs right this second.

-My ever-loyal people who can handle the “How are you?” response of “Just OK”—even when it’s not the answer that *works* for them—and who continue to follow up in the just-right, non-pushy ways all the same.

-Limiting social media.

-Planning future travel.

-Reaching out. (And other times, not reaching out.)

-Trying hard to remember that this too shall pass.

Do you have tricks? Tips? Fun, happy things? Links? Songs? Podcasts? Articles?

Accepting suggestions with open, Vitamin-D deprived arms.
Thanks in advance:)

Dreaming of: