Not just a day



20120829-230243.jpgWhat you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.” ~Unknown

What did you do today? Makes you think, non?

Sending love and light your way this Wednesday evening, wherever you may be!

Happy Monday!


Wishing you all wonderful weekends!
I’m fixin’ to…
first, get (hopefully loads of) work done, then get my yoga on, hear some alfresco music, float down a river, taste some wine, camp in the woods and revel in the final session of this year’s Beach Bonfire Concert Series.

What’s on your agenda?
Summer’s still here. Soak her up!


Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.~Marianne Williamson


Have an awesome one, friends!

The wee ones=the wise ones

Despite very unfortunate circumstances that precipitated my recent trip to Chicago, the visit came with many highlights. The best part? While there, I got to hang out with these three incredible wee people.

How is it that folks so little are capable of teaching us so much?
A few lessons I learned/remembered while there:

*Some days it’s okay to veg. Treat yourself like royalty. Keep your family close.

*Be silly. Laugh often.

*Listen to your body. Keep it simple. When you’re hungry, eat. When you’re sad, cry. When you’re happy, giggle. When you’re tired, rest.

*Stay curious. Ask lots of questions. Use “Why?” often.

*Dance like no one is watching.

*Find joy in the simplest of things.

*Rock your own style. Embrace flair and color. Be unapologetically you.

*Use your imagination. This might just look like a boring ole’ shower to us, viewed as part of our mindless daily routine, perhaps even a chore. But to this trio? It was a secret elevator with dozens of magic buttons (AKA tiles) that propelled them into a fantastical world only their eyes could see.

*Any of us can be a superhero.

I tell you, wise beyond their years, these ones:)
Thanks for the reminders, guys.

Simply said


Summer, don’t go!

While some of you are wrapping up that second season of the year, having filled recent months with beaches, pools, BBQs, mozzie bites, sweat and ice cream, my summer is only just beginning. Autumn, I do love you so, but frankly, I just ain’t ready… Kindly hold off for a good long while now, would you? Cheers!




The one you feed


Hi from Chicago

Though there could be much to record and sort, I’m having some trouble with words these days. So I’ll put others’ at the forefront for now.

(Though I will say, I’m grateful for: bacon-topped donuts, a good bloody Mary, kids’ absolute wonder at the world in which we live, those few who get it and are consistently there-like, really there, dancing in the streets, yoga’s steadying power, cheesy cover bands, the backbone of normalcy & routine, Chicago caricature-like people-watching, the giggle of a toddler, the imagination of a four-year-old, a brainless TV show, the comforting clink of M&Ms, a killer cup of coffee, ceiling fans, stolen moments of quiet, being in the easy presence of family, a fluffy bed.)

Hope the weekends were lovely, y’all.

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