Riddance to rain


(This photo accidentally posted twice. You know what? This is such a delightfully rare scene for my eyes right now, I might just keep them both:))



Here comes the sun (or there went the sun)

These past weeks have been gray. And wet (very wet, even for this town, I hear). At times I’ve been feeling quite alone and overly sensitive, rocked by one too many snubs and rejections. (C’mon already, thick skin.) I’ve been reminded of how tough this solo venture writing life can be and how challenging/frustrating new cities can be (friend-making at age 33 in a town known for its “freeze” is not always easy, it turns out! And manners are not always a universal thing…I know my people are out there, but where are y’all hiding?).

But I was determined to put my pity party to bed this past weekend, when at last the skies parted and gifted us with a gloriously sunny reprieve. Man, I needed it. The whole city needed it, by the looks of the droves that took over the teeming bike paths, lake docks and patios of cafes. I put on my damn-it-I’ll-do-this-alone-if-I-have-to-big-gal-shoes and set out on a series of exploratory walks as well as solo evening expeditions to a music hall and a cinema. These adventures put some wind back in me sails:)

So as we cruise into this new weekend, and the raindrops smear down my window panes, I’m trying very hard to focus on the awesome things that also provided bright spots recently (because there is always good too, this much we know). Happy Friday, friends.

And voila, some shots from last weekend:

Channeling summer





Research for upcoming visitor itineraries:)!


Meeting friends for a poetry reading at a thrift shop (with a keg of beer in the back)


Spot-on Timing

During a wacky, stop-go-wait-go-kidding-hold-whoknows-gowithit period in which I have been the one interviewed for a change, these seem like important, timely words to keep in mind. {Hope the weeks are going well, y’all. More than halfway through the work week! Making those fun weekend plans yet:)? And could you send some sun our way please? Seriously?}

The only questions that really matter are the ones you ask yourself.~Ursula K. Le Guin


On Repeat

I am a wee bit amped up on coffee and nerves over here, so these tunes are a welcome distraction reminding me to just stop. and chill. and breathe.

(Thank you yet again, SEA live MUSIC. Keep those suggestions coming, please!)

I’m sad I missed them performing here earlier this week:


But I can’t WAIT to see these guys very very soon (when Ellita’s here, which makes it even better:)):



What musical finds are carrying you through the week?

Got Green Grass?

“The grass is not, in fact, always greener on the other side of the fence. Fences have nothing to do with it. The grass is greenest where it is watered. When crossing over fences carry water with you and tend the grass wherever you may be.”~Robert Fulghum


I. Want. To. Travel.

Yes, please. It’s been entirely too long. My passport’s ready. So am I.


My Sunday sounds

Hypnotic lake water lapping against a gravely shore

Sea plane engines roaring as they levitate up up and away

Bellowing boat horns that slice the midday tranquility

The dull whir of I-5 traffic (the constant and subtle streaming soundtrack to Eastlake livin’)

Dangly-jangly dog collars

The winded chatter of running companions completing the loop

Bicycle chain clanks and the whoosh of fast-moving wheels

Distant music from a motorboat’s radio, the muffled yet delighted laughter of its onboard revelers

The caw caw of a bird camouflaged in a maze of power line tight ropes

*So silent at first! But upon closer inspection: a symphony of Sunday sounds.


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