Some grrrreat things about home

(Aside from, of course, quality time with my family and some of my best friends in the whole world. Being pampered by my parents is also pretty luxurious, I must admit. I’m a lucky lass.)

But also of note….

~GOOD nights of sleep

~a coffee table covered in Oprah mags

~a box full of tea options that’s bigger than my head

~getting to cruise in a car (I miss driving sometimes!)–windows down, radio pumping (even if I swear most stations around here are playing the same songs they played when I was in college!)

~meals out in familiar strip mall eateries (the NoVa burbs sure are a funny place)

~finding forgotten goodies in my closets and drawers

~decadent brekkies of Greek yogurt, blackberries, walnuts, honey (thanks to stocked cupboards and full fridge shelves)

~an excuse to be decadently lazy

~so many worries and cares feeling a million miles away (and growing smaller and smaller with some good perspective)

Happy Friday, friends!



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